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Will Vaughan-France

General Manager

07930 832776

Will joined GCI in February 2020 in the role of General Manager. Prior to this he held commercial and technical roles in the Monsanto UK seed business, which became part of Bayer in 2018. Will’s career started as an Agribusiness Consultant in Bidwells focusing on farm consultancy, supply chains and farm management.
Will has a BSc in Food Marketing and Business Economics from the University of Reading and in addition to to his role at GCI also oversees his own small arable farming business in Somerset. He is BASIS and FACTs qualified and a member of the Institute of Agricultural Management.

Dr Christine Jones

Crop Researcher & Presenter

07930 832849

Christine is a researcher and data analyst with a focus on the potato crop and leads the training seminars for the Potato Review Group. Christine has been researching the potato crop since joining CMI in 1991. Prior to joining CMI, Christine gained a BSc in plant biology from UCNW Bangor, an MSc in computer science from the University of Birmingham, a PhD in crop physiology from the University of Nottingham and researched tree mycorrhizae at the University of Sheffield in collaboration with the Forestry Commission.

James Arbourne

Field, Laboratory and Storage Trials Superviser

07930 834090

James is the Field, Laboratory and Storage Trial Supervisor for GCI and is responsible for looking after the day to day trials activities such as monitoring ,spraying and record taking, James has been involved in trials for over 17 years, first with CMI and now with GCI.
James graduated from Nottingham Trent University with a degree in Environmental Biology.

Amanda Farrow

Crop Researcher & Presenter

07802 537477

Amanda started as a pulse and then oilseeds research specialist in the 1980s. Amanda then moved into plant breeding, first with Cebeco and later with CPB Twyford, where she focused on cereals and oilseeds. In 2002 Amanda started working with CMI, principally researching oilseed rape in the UK and working with oilseeds and protein crops in Eastern Europe. More recently, and since moving to GCI, Amanda has focused on: cultivar analysis; the management of cereal disease and lodging; and nutrient management, particularly analysis and foliar application. Amanda has an interest in novel and those new to the UK with experience in flax, linseed, lupins, spelt wheat, soya and sunflowers amongst others.

Dr Hannah Bowley

Soils Researcher & Data Analyst

07568 528325

Hannah is a soil scientist with a background in chemistry and environmental science. For her PhD she investigated the influence of soil components on movement and uptake of iodine, an element essential for healthy development in cattle, humans and other mammals.
Within CMI and now GCI Hannah’s research has focused on the interactions of nutrients and organic matter in soil, communicating the results in reports and presentations to client groups. Hannah is involved in soil training sessions and also runs the statistical analysis of cultivar yield databases and performs synthesis of trials and research information to assess agrochemical products.

Gina Rymer

Trials Technician

07930 833466

Gina works part time with GCI as a Trials Technician supporting James with field trials activities and data management. Prior to joining GCI Gina supported CMI in the same role. Gina has been involved in agriculture since college and is also involved in the canine world with gundog training.

Helen Huyton

Crop Researcher & Presenter

07930 840214

Helen joined GCI from CMI, where she started in 1986 after conducting post graduate research in pulses at Nottingham University. At CMI Helen’s work encompassed trials, literature research and teaching; initially on cereals and sugar beet, with a focus on crop nutrition, weed control, seed quality and seed disease control. In recent years and with GCI Helen’s research interests have expanded to include soil health, biostimulation of plants and the use of biological products.

Dr Tom Storr

Soil Researcher and Research Agronomist

07930 832352

Tom works between the GCI and the Beeswax Dyson Agronomy teams, with the odd day on the farm too. Prior to this Tom undertook a PhD at Cranfield University, which was co-sponsored by G’s Growers and investigated ‘the effect of cover crops on soil quality indicators in a cereal and salad rotation.’ This further study of soils and cover crops was inspired by his undergraduate degree where Tom was introduced to the idea of conservation agriculture. To complement this academic study, Tom spent his summers working for several large farming businesses as a harvest student. Tom is interested in research that improves the resilience and productivity of soils throughout the rotation.