Christine Jones

PRG Topical Tips 8 2023 – Harvest and storage

PRG Topical Tips 7 2023 – Senescence and harvest planning

PRG Topical Tips 6 2023 – Mid bulking to early senescence

PRG Topical Tips 5 2023 – Early to mid bulking

PRG Topical Tips 4 2023 – Emergence to onset of bulking

PRG Topical Tips 3 2023 – Planting to emergence

Topical Tips 1 2023 – Pre-season preparation

Crop protection updates 2023

Late blight biology and control 2023

Heat stress and bruising 2023

Richard Meredith

Head of Farming Research

Richard joined the Green Crop Information team when he started as Head of Dyson Farming Research in 2022. In this role he is supporting the company’s strategic objective of being a ‘beacon of excellence’ within UK agriculture. 

Richard grew up on the family farm in South Herefordshire and then graduated with a degree in Business Management from Bristol. He then managed a contracting and hire services at 7Y Machinery Ring before joining the AHDB from 2012 – 2022, where he was Head of Knowledge Exchange.

Richard is passionate about helping Green Crop Information members to be more resilient in the long term through the sharing of top-class knowledge.